About Me

My name is Ben… and I like to shoot stuff

Practical Shooting is still my life. I travel, train, compete, teach, and improve both my own skills and my training methods. Things change fast in the competitive shooting scene and I like to stay on top of the changes in order to shoot my best and teach my students to be the best.

In 2005 I discovered the sport of Practical Shooting. This sport instantly became an addiction for me. I started training like it was my full time job and I got proficient quickly. I used dry-fire as my primary source of training and was able to make USPSA GM almost right away after starting competition.

By 2007 I started attending USPSA Nationals in an effort to learn how to shoot better and improve my skills. This is the most challenging event in USPSA to win and it took me years more of training to do so.

I began teaching other people to shoot in 2008. This started as a side gig at first but eventually it became my only occupation. In a few short years I was a traveling shooter/instructor and had published many of my ideas into a book series.