Live-Fire Drills


The Accelerator

The whole idea here is to be able to seamlessly change gears between targets of different difficultly levels. Maybe you just look through the gun up close, get a hard front sight focus at 25 yards, and do something in the middle at the 15. In any event, you need to go between all those “modes” of shooting without there being a hitch present.


Bill Drill

Bill drills are a multipurpose drill. There is a lot you can get out of it. The procedure for the bill drill is to draw, and fire 6 rounds into the target. At closer ranges, you should strive for all “A” zone hits. At longer ranges, the occasional close “C” is no big deal. 

Blake Drill.png

Blake Drill

The “Blake” drill is a drill that takes its name from Blake Miguez. This isn’t because he invented the drill, it is because the drill was invented so people could emulate his shooting. Blake is known for extremely fast target transitions and fast hosing.



This drill (as the name implies) is all about working between targets of different difficulty levels.



This drill tests skills similar enough to a 25 yard bill drill, but there is an added element of consistency required. The goal here isn’t to shoot hits on the dots, it is to not shoot misses. To successfully go 36/36 on this drill requires you be something of a machine.



Group shooting is useful for a wide array of purposes. You can develop trigger control, test your equipment, sight in your gun, or validate your existing zero. Some shooters also use this to “warm up” at the beginning of a practice session.

Double Reload Double.png


GFour Aces is one of those exercises that gives you a good idea of what you can do in terms of draw speed and reload speed. 

The Heads.png


The primary challenge is the extremely small A box in the head of the targets. It is so challenging to hit at long distance that it just doesn’t make sense in the USPSA scoring system to accept only as-is.


Easy exit

This drill is designed to help you move out of a position while you are still shooting.


HARD exit

This drill is designed to help you explode out of a position as soon as you are done shooting.