Live-Fire Drill: THE DOTS

Setup Notes:

This drill requires the use of two inch diameter dots. I have sheets of them available on They can be printed off and attached to a USPSA cardboard target. You could also craft a stencil and paint 2 inch dots on targets using spray paint. There are a number of solutions available, be creative. The bottom line is you need a two inch circle to shoot at.


Starting with your hands at sides, draw and engage one dot with 6 rounds. You do not transition between dots, you only engage one. There is a five second par time for this drill. Give yourself a .3 second grace period for overtime shots (anything 5.31 or over will be overtime).

This drill is multi-string. You repeat shooting six rounds into one dot six times, for a total of 36 rounds fired.

This drill is pass/fail. If you get 36 hits, you pass. If you get less than 36 hits, you fail.

Score the dots like you would a USPSA target. That means a hit where the bullet radius touches the outside line of the dot counts as a hit (the bullet doesn’t need to hit entirely within the dot).


This drill tests skills similar enough to a 25 yard bill drill, but there is an added element of consistency required. The goal here isn’t to shoot hits on the dots, it is to not shoot misses. To successfully go 36/36 on this drill requires you be something of a machine.


Once again, 36/36

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